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Honey from Portuguese beekeepers

To preserve the quality of this noble product and our beautiful planet, all our honeys are packaged in glass jars.

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The Origin

honey from Portugal

More than an online honey store ...

The boutique was born from the desire to make gourmets and curious (re) discover both more original honeys from elsewhere ... Known for its proven therapeutic properties, honey is a healthy pleasure that we shouldn't be depriving ourselves of.

Choose from the 6 flavors of honey on offer

Chestnut honey, Eucalyptus honey, Multi-flower honey (chestnut, bramble, lavender) Wild lavender honey, Heather honey. We wanted to create our own boutique of carefully selected honeys. We have thus joined forces with passionate beekeepers and have chosen to favor quality and diversity, the real fruit of the work of bees.

Do you now it?


Honey is an energy food appreciated for its complex sugar. It is made up of fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, galactose, and various other polysaccharides. While being less caloric than simple sugar, its sweetening power is higher.


The crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon which does not affect the quality of the honey.
This crystallization, which follows extraction, occurs more or less rapidly depending on the floral dominance which determines the fructose content. The higher it is, the longer the honey will remain liquid.


The honey and pollen we offer are collected in the north of Portugal, mainly in the Tras-os-Montes region.
It is a region of wild lands where lavender-butterfly, cistus-gum, rosemary, broom, heather, cork oak, holm oak ...

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